Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why I Want to Lose Weight

I just got these pictures from the Bison Stampede. My gosh look at those thighs! They were all taken after I pulled my calf. You can tell by the straightened right hand which for some inexplicable reason made it easier to force my gimpy right leg along by pumping that arm furiously with my hand chopping at the air.

The next one is me rubbing my right hip/ass because the way I was running made it hurt.

The last one is me hobbling across the finish line and desparately looking for a place to sit down.

By the way, the spandex shorts aren't a fashion statement or anything, merely a concession to the realities of having 30" thighs attached to a 36" waist. From the waist down I'm built more like a linebacker than a runner and if I wear regular shorts on a long run then the insides of my thighs get rubbed to the point of bleeding.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Nice photos, Bull! I think you look great, even when in excruciating pain. I like the shades, too. :)

Best wishes on the preparations for the next race...hopefully it will be better for you.

Bull said...

Gotta love the $5 cheap sunglasses :)

They are mirrored so darkly that I can barely see even in bright daylight.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

It's nice to have a face to go with your words...kind of like when you do business on the phone with someone for years, and suddenly you meet them in person and it's all wrong, because you had a way different mental picture of them.

You look great, my friend. You talked about your weight before so I was picturing that dad off of Family Guy running in a marathon.

Just kiddin'.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Hey, do you keep in touch with JLO? How's he doing, if so? I hope he's doing well. I really enjoyed his blog while it lasted.

Sideon said...

Gawd, to think I used to run cross country...

The thought of running now would kill me. I had to move to low impact stuff like swimming, biking, walking, and the elliptical at the gym because the running hurts my knees too much. And feet - I have arches from hell.

Good job on the Stampede. I totally admire you for your dedication!