Monday, November 13, 2006

Mormon Respect For Women

I just love how Mormons adore, honor, and respect women. All you have to do is ask them. They'll proclaim their respect just as vigorously as Muslims. I'd forgotten about this little fact until reminded of it on RfM: women used to be prohibited from praying in sacrament meetings. And this wasn't some anachronistic 19th century thing. Blacks were actually allowed to have the priesthood before women were allowed to pray in sacrament meeting. Don't believe me? Check out the linked summary of President Kimball's accomplishments from the church's own web site. The date was September 29, 1978. The announcement of the policy change for blacks was on June 9. Amazing.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I wondered when I first learned that women were banned from praying in Sacrament Meeting in the 60's what my mom would have thought about that at the time. When I asked her, she said something like she thought it was probably to keep the hippies from going wild in church.


Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Oh... yea... women did not pray in Sacrament meeting at all even before the sixties so I think your mother had a strange explanation. The explanation that was given to us came from Paul ... I'm sure you know the verse.


Bull said...

I think I remember it being based on the New Testament quote from Paul, too. I guess it shows my mysogenistic upbringing as a Mormon male that this policy never made much of an impression on me and that I barely remember it.

Anonymous said...

I would worry less about how the mormons honor, respect, and adore women and look at how you treat them.