Saturday, November 04, 2006

Migraines Make Me Grumpy

Maybe more than grumpy. How about unliveable. Last night on the way out of work I started getting one. I stopped for dinner and another one started. The football game was miserable because I felt chilled and every sound chafed my nerves. Then this morning I awoke to the feeling of a pick in my brain. And the day has continued pretty much the same. The pain tailed off once I got moving, but I've been incredibly sensitive and irritable about everything.

But UT won against Oklahoma State so things aren't so bad.

And I've now blogged every day this month. I'm just one of the sheeple.

I'm going to collapse and try to sleep.


Just one of many said...

Hey bull, I am in Midland family lives in Georgetown, TX near Austin. Migraines make me a bear...

Sideon said...

Greetings, Bull.

Good luck with the migraine!

Thanks for your feedback and kind words about Seasons of Truth. I appreciate it very much. It'll be a hellish schedule this week, but I'll try to finish part V.

Be well.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Bull, I suffer migraines too. They suck the Hairy, Double Big One. Especially bad are the ones you wake up to...

Glad to see you plan to post each day this month. Not as easy as it looks, is it?