Friday, June 02, 2006

The Sacred Temple

I'll probably be struck down and rot in hell for this, but this link shows the changes in the revealed temple ordinances that opened a breach in my belief in Mormonism that I was never able to plug.

This web site ( is a better source for actual information about the temple than anything you'll ever find within TSCC (The So-Called Church) including going through the temple for yourself. I remember being told that all of my questions would be answered when I went through the temple. But, no matter how many times I went I never had a single opportunity to ask anyone any of the many questions that I had. When the changes happened and they (whoever they was, perhaps a committee in the church office building) removed the portions that were most problematic for me, it was a confirmation, really an admission by the church, that those portions were not revealed and were not required and were not necessary. That leaves open the question of what else in there is wrong or unnecessary. Maybe it really isn't necessary to wear your temple garments all of the time. Maybe the whole thing could be boiled down to nothing but the covenants, signs, tokens, penalties, and veil ritual. Wait, those parts were changed rather dramatically too. Hmmm. Maybe it's all a bunch of bull and the real point of the temple is to put pressure on members to be able to pass the temple recommend interview. Maybe what goes on in the temple is superfluous and it is just to keep the members in line, paying their tithing, and following the leaders without question. Maybe what is important is being "worthy" to get in there. If you review the temple recommend interview questions to see what constitutes "worthiness" I think you can reach your own conclusions.


La said...

I didn't even get to see the fun stuff in the temple. I hear it was good times. Too bad I got the white-washed boring version...

And now I don't get it at all. That's it! Sign me back up!

Sideon said...

Bull - have you heard from JLO?

He's not been posting, and not sure if you've heard from him or not.

Drop a line if you can.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Hi... Darque heart had some stuff on the temple.. I think... (sometimes my mind plays tricks on me because of the prednisone)... but I think that it is great that you are getting this information out. :-)