Wednesday, June 28, 2006

If GAs Were Southpark Characters

As I was making coffee this morning the thought suddenly occurred to me that Eric Cartman and Boyd K. Packer have a lot in common. I can just imagine Boyd saying, "Respect my ah-thor-i-tay!"

So, if the Southpark creators based their characters on Mormon general authorities, then we should be able to match the characters with GAs.

This is really more up JLOs alley, but I have no idea if he's ever watched Southpark. Here's a few of my guesses. But I need help filling in the blanks.

Cartman: Boyd K. Packer





Mr. Garrison: Gene R. Cook just because there's such a tremendous physical resemblance and I can imagine him doing Mr. Hand.

Chef: Sorry, no black GAs that I know of. Perhaps Dallin H. Oaks in black face?

Timmy: David B. Haight because of all of the insipid, meaningless talk.

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