Thursday, June 08, 2006

Out of Town

Sorry for not posting this week. I'm in California on business this week and haven't had any free time. On Friday I start a week of much needed vacation in Utah. We'll be hanging out with relatives, riding dirt bikes up American Fork canyon, and watching the AMA Superbike races at Larry Millers new race trace west of Salt Lake.

I have a couple of posts in progress and will see if I can finish them off tonight.


La said...

Aw, now see? You should tell us these things in advance and then we can meet up with you in SLC!

Hope all your travels are safe and full of very fast motorcycles. :)

Bull said...

I flew into town late last night and will be here until Sunday so something might be able to be arranged. Anyone want to meet in SLC or the Lehi area sometime during the next week?

La said...

Eric and I do... And I bet, though I can't speak for her, that Rebecca would be up for something too.

Today is the summerfest for Orem, so we're doind the whole carnival / parade / fireworks thing with the kids.

Tomorrow (sunday) would be ok. We're heading north anyway, so we could maybe grab some coffee at the Lehi starbucks or something?

I'm calling Rebecca. :)

La said...

Or anytime next week is good too. You pick a time, we'll arrange to be there.