Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So Who is Steven A. Cramer?

My mom sent me two of his books and Deseret Books lists eight books by this guy. The publisher, Cedar Fort Books, lists six and gives the following biographical sketch.
Steven A. Cramer (pseudonym) is the author of The Worth of A Soul, Great Shall be Your Joy, Conquering Your Own Goliaths,In the Arms of His Love and Putting on the Armor of God.These great books have been produced out of a desire to help others better prepare for adversity and learn the great power, strength and support available through Jesus Christ
I'm just curious if this guy went from excommunicant to shining example or if he's doing the Paul H. Dunn thing. The fact that he originally used a pen name along with some of the curious "details" in the first two chapters lead me to believe that despite the title of the book this is all inspirational fiction. His real name is Gerald Curtis and he has an updated version of his book under his proper name. Anyway, he seems to have capitalized on his problems.


lma said...

Well, fiction writers often use pseudonyms for various, and very good, reasons. On the other hand, I have huge trust problems when people publish supposed fact under any other name than the one that is on their birth certificate.

Not that I'm cynical or anything.


Cynthia E. Bagley said...

I think the rule of thumb is pseudonyms for fiction and real name for non-fiction. :-)

Joseph's Left One said...

OK, I confess. I'm Stephen Cramer.

Just kidding. ;-)

there is truth out there said...
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there is truth out there said...

I wish you guys could know him.

The pseudonym wasn't his idea; it was the publisher's.

The story is all real. I am one of his nine kids.

Just thought you should know.

Bull said...

I'm sure he is a well-intentioned individual. I found his story to be very sad, but it seemed like the church contributed to a bad situation and then made it worse. Further it seems like he proposes oversimplistic answers to complex problems that divert people from real help.

Bull said...

BTW, welcome to my blog. Why are you here? Feel free to browse and post comments, but please keep it civil.

there is truth out there said...

Stumbled upon it by accident.

You said, "...but it seemed..." and "Further it seems..."

I can appreciate your feelings I guess. And I'm sorry that his story has not been of help to you or the people you know.

The truth is, regardless of how everything seems to you, his nature WAS changed. He found forgiveness and healing through the Lord, through the church. It was a miracle that I have never stopped thanking Heavenly Father for.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Curtis is an amazing man, father, and example of the power of how living a Christ centered life can overcome any adversity. His writings are meant to help others to grow. Believing in others is a part of faith.