Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nicky Pics

I realized after I posted yesterday that a picture paints a thousand words and added a picture to the post. This morning I got another comment and I realized that women clearly aren't interested in Nicky getting his knee down in the pouring rain like he is here. So I went to his web site to get some pictures of his face.

Now, I'm just a guy, but he seems like a decent looking enough kid. Plus he's nice, modest, rich, single, and likes to wear leather. So I guess I could see where the ladies might find him attractive. Anyway, here's what he looks like without the helmet.


Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Yes.. he is delicious. When we were in Germany, my hubby made me watch the poor guys on "trial" motorcycles. Now that was quite something. :-)

lma said...

Thank you, Bull. :)

I can definitely see the swoon potential there - he's a very good looking boy. A lot better looking, in fact, than a lot of the athletes women in this country make a big deal over.


GuateMom said...

Is his dad single?

Bull said...

Sorry. As far as I know Earl is happily married.