Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No, it will be great. Really.

So, I replied to the Young Men's president about this weekend's activity:
Wow. What happened to having fun AP commemoration campouts? Is the church really getting this desparate? I guess if what you are doing isn't working, then you should do more of it...
I know. Kind of childish of me. I should have just deleted the email. Anyway, this morning I got this response:
Bull, Bull....

Come on. I was just thinking the opposite: why didn't we do these kinds of AWESOME activities when I was a youth?? Air-conditioned cabins for two nights can't be beat--at least when it's May in Texas and already reaching the 90s on a daily basis. :) This will be an amazing weekend ... inspiring and fun activities ... a great experience for all the boys. Wish we could have your sons there.

Please join us for the Fathers and Sons Campout on June 2nd at Inks Lake!

Take care,
He does have a point about the cabins. But the only reason they are renting them is so they don't have to suffer while they spend the weekend preaching to a bunch of trapped youth.

Keep in mind that this is the man who didn't even hesitate when I asked him if he'd give his wife to the prophet for marriage. You bet! It wouldn't bother him a bit because he knows that the prophet wouldn't ask unless it is God's will. Wouldn't have to pray about. Wouldn't have to get back to him later. Nope. Without a thought or a care he was willing to give up his wife who was 7 months pregnant at the time with their first child. I wonder if his wife knows the depth of his love for her?


Joseph's Left One said...

Think of it this way: if they really think that "activities" (their term, not mine) like this are AWESOME, the church will die a much quicker death than we thought.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Wow... I can hardly believe it.. No wonder the women don't feel the love.