Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Marathoners' Diet

Click on the title to witness the Hansons Brooks running team's cheeseburger eating contest.

Just a little background first. The guy in a red baseball hat is Brian Sell who qualified for the 2008 Olympic team when he came in third in the US Olympic Marathon Trials in November ahead of many much bigger names including the bronze medalist from the 2004 Olympics. He has a reputation for being one of the hardest workers out there and his peak mileage in training can exceed 160 miles per week. That's unimagineable to me, but ever more incredible is the fact that he feels like he can't cut back too much in his taper without losing his edge so he'll still run 100 to 120 miles per week during his taper. The guy obviously has a high tolerance for pain, which is good since it looks like those are McDonald's cheeseburgers that they are eating in that video.

Anyway, now you know the secret behind being a world class distance runner. Lots of cheeseburgers.


erlybird said...

I think I have come to realize that 30 miles a week is about all my body can handle. Over 100 miles a week at speeds I can't even imagine...that makes me queasy.

What doesn't make me queasy are the cheeseburgers! Man, I can eat one after another of those while I am driving cross country. McDonald's double cheeseburgers, hardly any mess, got the pickle action going, just the right proportion of bun the meat...melted cheese. And really, really bad for you.

But, here is a tip for all you triathletes out there with iron stomachs like me. Bean burritos. Get those simple frozen bean burritos and just barely let them thaw. They are easy to carry, not sticky and TASTY. Eat one of those every hour while riding in addition to the yummy gels, bananas and protein shakes. You will find yourself looking FORWARD to the hour mark when you will be able to pull out your next bur-RIT-to

Sideon said...

Not even the threat of the last In-N-Out Burger joint on earth could induce me to run. No no no!

BTW - long time no visit - sorry for not keeping up with your blog!

Bull said...

E: I can't even imagine stuffing a burrito in my face while running. Maybe it's easier while on the bike. Any solid food on race day almost guarantees an emergency pit stop for me.

S: No problem. Sounds like life is busy for you too.