Tuesday, January 08, 2008


My wife is a genius. It turns out she has a class she can't miss on Saturday which threw a wrench in my plans to drive to Houston Friday night. I was moaning about driving two cars down and back and I was asking her if she really wanted to drive down so she suggested I just fly down. So I headed over to Southwest's web page. The cheapest Friday flight was $117, but this was last Saturday so I wondered if the flights were cheaper if booked 7 days in advance. Sure enough, Saturday flights were $29. That's just incredible. It's actually cheaper to fly from Austin to Houston, plus I don't have to drive. It's even cheaper since I don't have to stay in the hotel on Friday night. So I'm flying to the marathon this weekend instead of driving.

Of course, if I was as smart as my wife I'd have bought tickets for her too...

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