Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is It Really Worth It?

As I stagger through my calorie deprived days, I regularly wonder if it's really worth it. It's not just that I get hungry, it's the fact that eating only makes me less hungry. Even on the weekends when I succumb to temptation and go over my budget I find that it just gets the gastric juices flowing in anticipation and the resulting hunger is even worse.

So far despite being pretty good about my diet I'm not seeing many results. To make it worse I've started running again and I feel like I'm more sore than right after the marathon. My left hip is sore, sore, sore and running and stretching don't seem to be helping. I have the Capitol 10k next Sunday and I really haven't been able to resume running much less training. The marathon took way more out of me than I ever expected and I'm afraid that the dieting isn't doing anything to help me recover.

Anyway, I've dropped about 4 pounds out of 20 and am looking forward to hitting my goal even if it doesn't go as quickly as I want.

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