Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My left ankle has been sore since I fell off my daughter's horse at the end of June. Since then, every running log entry has contained the following notation: "sore left ankle." Occasionally the pain has been severe, but mostly its been mild pain that gets better as I warm up followed by moderate swelling and pain when my toes flex toward my shin. Saturday took a pain for the worse as I started having severe muscle pain in my calf during a long run that got bad enough that I had to abort the run. Pressing on the outside leg revealed severe pain and tenderness on the outside of my lower leg right along the fibula. A quick google took me to an orthopod website that led me to think it was the peroneal muscles and tendons that rotate the foot to the outside.

I've been debating going to the doctor about the ankle for a couple of weeks, but kept putting it off because it seems silly to go to the doctor for a sore ankle when you are able to run 25 miles a week on it. I mean, how bad can it be?

Well, unlike most minor injuries this one seemed to be getting worse and spreading to other parts of my leg so I went to my running doctor today.

He immediately pointed out the swelling and said that shouldn't be there after 6 weeks. Then he held my leg and pulled on my foot and I could feel the bones in my ankle slopping fore and aft. Could I feel that? Yep. Other foot, not movement. Left foot, slop. Thirty minutes later I was kicked back reading Car and Driver for an hour and a half while an MRI machine scanned my ankle.

Thursday I go back to find out what's screwed up. Probably tore a ligament enough to make the ankle joint unstable. In the meantime, no running.

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erlybird said...

Bull...really sorry to hear about the bum ankle.

Maybe you just need to do a "tiger" and make sure you can come back strong.