Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cool Shoe Geekdom

Nike has a pretty cool idea for people like me who are continually disappointed by the color schemes used on running shoes. I like bright, flashy shoes. My theory is if I can't be fast, I'd at least like to look fast. Nike created a web site just for me so I headed over to and designed my own shoes. Tell me what you think.


erlybird said...

Sorry, Bull. These are all gawd awful as are all brightly "lit" running shoes. But I think that is your consider your efforts a success.

I will keep buying the Saucony Grid Stabile until they cave into the the whole "ignore the principles of the color wheel" trend and make it impossible for me to put them on my feet.


Bull said...

Are you kidding, these aren't even close to the most hideous color schemes I came up with. I actually like all of them and actually bought the first one.