Monday, February 26, 2007

Computers Suck!

And it's a good thing or else I'd be out of a job.

God, this has been a frustrating night where nothing on the damn box has worked. I wish computer companies would hire more people like me to find their bugs before they ship their defective products out to consumers.

What prompts this? VMWare prompts me that my vmware tools are out of date. Great, their latest upgrade did that. So, I reinstall the tools. Hmmm. Now it says that they tools are NOT installed. Install them again. Same thing. Hmmm. Look around for the configuration script that they didn't tell me about and run it. OK. Now they are installed and up to date. Open up Firefox. It can't connect to the internet. Check my network interface. It no longer exists. Try to configure it. No dice. Hunt around their web site and find more complete instructions that say, "Hey, when you install the tools we fuck up your network configuration so you're going to have to ....." Ummm. So you know you have a bug. You ship automatic updates (which is why I'm fucked right now anyway) and you bury a tech note on your web site about it and don't bother to fix it?

Imagine the Guiness TV commercial:



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