Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Tree of Life, Lehi Stone, or Stela 5

From my TBM brother:
Regarding archaeological “evidence” do you not find the Lehi stone in Chiapas, Mexico to be intriguing? That is one of the clearest objects that corroborates the writings found in the Book of Mormon. Regarding linguistics, I’ve heard mixed reports.
I had heard of this stone engraving that some Mormons claim is a depiction of Lehi's dream in the Book of Mormon. Even as a TBM it seemed pretty speculative. But I try to keep an open mind so I googled it and hit the following FARMS article. You can read it, but it basically states that it's not evidence for or against the Book of Mormon and that even Hugh Nibley thought it was essentially rubbish. So, no, I don't find it intriguing, but it is typical of the "evidence" for the Book of Mormon. The evidence against it, on the other had, is pretty solid.

Regarding linguistics the results are pretty iron clad. There are no known remnants of Hebrew in any Indian languages. Furthermore, the vast numbers and varieties of dialects requires thousands of years of development, not a couple of thousand years as the Book of Mormon would show. I'll refer you to B. H. Roberts Studies of the Book of Mormon for more on that topic.

Of course, the current Mormon apologetics seems to state that the Nephites and Lamanites were an essentially insignificant population whose genetic and cultural impacts were swallowed by a much larger non-Hebrew population that pre-dated them. I guess they ignore the statements of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and almost every subsequent prophet.

The burden of proof lies with the Mormons, not me or you. However, the only proof they are willing to stick to is their individual testimonies based on "feeling the Spirit."

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Marcus said...

Hi All,

When it comes to the Book of Mormon a commitment must be made if you want to really get a testimony. I was not even allowed to read it, until I changed my cocky attitude. It was like chloroform in print. After changing my attitude..I was allowed to read it. After which I went out into the fields near a woods and asked if it was true or not...I was visited by the power of the Holy Ghost, I was shown and instructed pertaining to its truthfulness. So..guess what folks, you need to look at it again! It is as true as the sun shines in the sky! Since then I have even had more marvelous experiences. If you haven't had an experience, maybe you need to repent and straighten your life up takes effort on our part to get don't get it just because you asked for it!
As for other religions..they do not have a leg to stand on..sorry folks, but that is the way it is. A real restoration has taken place just as Isaiah, Peter, Paul, and the Lord all prophised! Learn your history, know your scriptures, they tell it, you just don't believe it.

One who knows!