Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Call Me Butterball

The doctor's office called today. They had a cancellation and can fit me in for a preoperative visit tomorrow and on Monday they are going to carve me up like a Thanksgiving turkey. I decided not to go to Indianapolis for the MotoGP and wanted to go ahead and get the surgery taken care of so I can get on the road to recovery.

Since my diagnosis I've completely stopped running and am swimming instead. I've worked up to 1400m in 42 minutes which is probably pathetically slow, but it's a good workout, I can do it without stopping, and it's really helping my messed up shoulders. However, my ankle isn't any better and some days I think it's worse. Going down stairs is particularly scary because sometimes the ankle hurts so bad I nearly fall.

You can go to the following Podiatry Today article if you want to see pictures of what the surgery entails. Warning, it includes graphic pictures of a surgery which I think are pretty cool, but which apparently make some people swoon. I originally included a couple of the pictures here, but I've taken them off so you don't have to see them unless you want to.


Anonymous said...

Okay... you totally need to warn your gentle readers who could faint whilst looking at those kinds of photos.


It was like a bad flashback to my biology class in high school.


Anonymous said...

OH! Belated sympathy here. I hope hope hope that all is well with you.

Bull said...

Sorry Sid. I'm updating the title.

Anonymous said...

If it were me, I would place links to those pictures if someone was interested, but not show them on this page for everyone to see. Humans are programmed by nature to react negatively to this type of surgical image. Some people faint when they see that type of image. It is out of harmony with discussion on a serious religious topic, regardless of your belief system. Makes the discussion less credible, sort of like the shock videos on YouTube that do not warn people what is coming, etc.

Bull said...

Done. Sorry for any upset stomachs.

Anon, this isn't meant to be a serious theological blog. It's just about me as I move on with life past Mormonism.