Friday, November 02, 2007

Catching Up

It's been a while since I posted so I guess I have some catching up to do. Part of it is that I've been trying to work lots of overtime as I stress over paying for college for my son, classes for my wife's teacher certification, horse crap for my daughters, etc. I'm making more money than ever before and yet there never seems to be enough. I guess it just proves that wants are infinite; no matter how much money you make you'll always want more.

Between working, running, physical therapy, and life in general I've just felt really busy, but I think the reason I haven't posted is more because I let myself sink into a bit of depressive funk that left me not really giving a rat's ass about much. I could whine about it but it would probably make as little sense as the thought's of most depressed people. Let's just say that on more days than not it feels like life sucks.

On the up side I did my last session of physical therapy three weeks ago. I still get some pain and soreness on faster runs and after hard runs, but it clears up quickly and doesn't slow me down at all. I'm still limiting myself to three runs a week, but I'm up to as much as 30+ miles per week and all of those runs are quality runs with either longer distances or faster paces. I had my first race of the season a couple of weeks ago and finished only about 30 seconds off my personal best so things are progressing pretty well. In fact, my legs are feeling fresher and my gate is feeling smoother than I've felt in over a year. I'm continuing the experiment of less running and more low impact cross training. it will be interesting to see if I can continue to improve my fitness and performances. The next test is a 10 miler in a week.

I'm doing the Dallas Half Marathon with a friend in early December. It's his first half and I'm looking forward to running it with him. I set my PR in the marathon at Dallas last year. This isn't a goal race for me, but it is only a month before the Houston Marathon so it will be my last race before I take a shot at breaking four hours in the marathon. At that point I'll only have one or two more long runs before I start my taper so my conditioning will be pretty much done at that point.


MattMan said...

"more low impact cross training". Hmm, this jogged (haha) a memory for me. Have you ever studied or tried heavyhands walking?

I'd love to be able to hook up with you when you're in H-town for a marathon sometime, if the planets ever align to allow the possibility. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your depressive funk. It does seem to coincide with the high ragweed counts that started getting progressively worse at the end of September and began coming down about a week or so ago. I was doing pretty well until ragweed hit, and now I feel like I'm recovering from being sick for 6 weeks. I've always noted feeling more "down" during this time of year.