Thursday, July 26, 2007


I started a book back in March and submitted a book proposal in June. I just got back feedback from a reviewer and the publisher and it was very positive and they want me to press forward. Unfortunately, not as interesting as Sideon's stories, but it'd be cool to be published even if it is a technical, geeky book. Then I'd literally become "the man that wrote the book" in my area of specialty.

The scary thing is that I actually need to get on a solid writing schedule because it's going to be a fairly long book.


Sideon said...

You're brilliant - I want to see this book when you're done, even if I won't understand it (if it's technical).


Be well.

Oh - thanks for the massage suggestion. Last night was nirvana. Only a minor ache today. My neck muscles were like granite... and now they're more like small pebbles of knots.

C. L. Hanson said...

How's your book coming? We can swap techie-book stories if you like: my new Java book. :D

Bull said...

Actually, it's coming slowly as I'm doing 60 hour weeks with my regular job. I actually wouldn't mind exchanging some emails offline because I have some questions regarding publishers, etc.