Friday, January 12, 2007

Switched To New Blogger

Since I work with computers for a living I'm very sensitive to the idea that new isn't always better. But the old Blogger has been pretty crappy the last couple of days so I bit the bullet and upgraded to the new one. One of the reasons I'd been hesitating is that the new version groups your blogs by Google account which uses an email address as your Google account id. Unfortunately, I don't want this blog grouped with my In Real Life blog so I needed a new email account. Anyway, Gmail doesn't seem to like me so I created a Hotmail email address which is now listed in my profile so you can comment or you can email me. No promises that I'll regularly monitor the hotmail address.

Let me know if anything is broken.

1 comment:

Sister Mary Lisa said...

So, when I switched to New Blogger yesterday, it caused a bunch of comments on my blog to appear ANONYMOUS. That stinks!