Friday, December 15, 2006

Just Relaxing

It's hard to believe it's only been five days since the marathon because my body feels remarkably good. Mind you, I haven't even tried to run, but I feel pretty good except for a cold and my lower back going out for the umpteenth time. The cold might actually be allergies since cedar fever cedar has started here in Austin. The back is probably because I haven't stretched since before the marathon and all of the tightness has put unwanted stress on my on my defective lumbar region. No big deal really. But all of the muscle soreness has gone and all my little wounds seem to be healing quickly.

Life is pretty boring at the moment. I've only bought one Christmas present for the most important person in my life and still have get stuff for everyone else. Other than that I'm eating, sleeping, and working.

Anyone know how to configure Windows networks and Linux Samba and make them play nicely? My Linux workstation wouldn't print on the Windows printer last night and I proceeded to waste several late hours last night and more this morning to get it working again. No success and the Windows computers don't even seem to be able to talk to each other correctly. I think I've actually made the problem worse now since the Window machines don't seem to even be able to see the Linux shared directories any more either. I hate Microsoft and their cludgy networking. Why can't they just adhere to standards instead of foisting their crappy bandaids on the world?


Anonymous said...

My main system at home is running linux... I have samba server emulating a windows domain with roaming profiles. It was a real b*tch to set up, but once I got it, it works great.

My linux system is hosting my printer, and that is working fine from my windows boxes; I have not done it the other way, but may be able to help.

Not sure how, though. We could perhaps do some vnc, remote desktop, or something like that sometime maybe? Or even just try to chat it out. I think you know my yahoo id, whenever I'm on the computer, I'm always on yahoo IM, so feel free to ping me that way or whatever works for you.

michelle said...

I didn't understand a word you said, but it warms my heart to know that even you have computer problems. As a complete techno-retard in academia, I sometimes feel so alone.