Sunday, October 29, 2006


20.4 miles today and it sucked mightily. The weather was good, but I don't think that my legs have recovered from last week's 10 mile race and the lack of sleep this week. My legs were dead from the start and I had some minor aches but after about an hour I felt ok and settled into an easy pace. The point of these long runs is to just cover the miles to build endurance so running fast isn't the point. After about 14 miles my camel back ran dry and it became a struggle to keep moving. I was just out of gas so I switched back and forth between running and walking. Strangely, my feet really ached when I was walking, but felt fine while I ran. Anyway, it's over. Next week will be shorter, 12 to 14 miles, and then I'll taper for a half marathon the following week.

Yesterday my sons competed in area marching competition and did very well. Their band finished first in the preliminary competition and second in the finals so they are off to state. The performances of all of the bands were just amazing and I find it remarkable that they did so well against such good bands. They will compete in the state competition on November 7 in the San Antonio AlamoDome where they hope to win the state championship.


michelle said...

hey loser,
stop running and answer my email. just kidding. I hit a personal running milestone yesterday, too: 10 miles. It was a very hilly route, and mostly uphill on the home stretch. I didn't take any water and got so unbelievably thirsty. My toes were killing me too. They still hurt. But I'm going to try the same run again next sunday. I'll try to eat some pasta on sat. to fuel up.

seuferling said...

Wow! As a fairly new runner twenty plus miles sounds just amazing... very cool! Yeah, funny I only get foot pain when I'm taking a break and walking... hmmmm not sure what that is about. good luck.