Monday, September 04, 2006

Good Redneck Fun

Saturday afternoon I hopped over to the shooting range with the wife and two boys and shot every gun we have in the house. We started out on the skeet range with the 12 and 20 gauge shotguns and killed a box of clay pigeons. This was the wife's first time ever shooting a shotgun, but she did well for a first timer and even hit a couple. It's been over 3 years since we've shot clays, but all of us boys did a pretty good job and by the end were shooting doubles (two at once).

Then we went over to the rifle range and shot the 30-06 and the 22 rifles. The -06 is my dad's army surplus 1903 Springfield rifle, just like you see in WWI movies and it is a tack driver. With iron sights (no scope) it was easily hitting bullseyes at 50 yards and did many one-hole groups (multiple bullets with all of the holes overlapping). The 22 was less stellar at that range, but it is cheap to shoot (about $0.01 per shot versus $1.25 per shot for the 30-06). The wife didn't shoot the big gun, but us boys shot a box of ammo through the big gun and have the bruises to show for it. It kicks good and the muzzle blast makes everyone in the vicinity jump.

We finally headed over and shot a bunch of ammo through the 45s, 357, and 380 pistols. With the exception of my little KelTec 380, the pistol shooting went well and everyone did a competent job. The 380 is just a piece of crap, cheap pocket gun. It's light and can be carried in a pocket but I'm not sure it could reliably hit anything more than 3 yards away. Its sights are terrible, its accuracy is worse, and it must have the worst trigger every put on a pistol. I regret wasting the small amount of money I spent on it.

Anyway, I'm out of ammo now so I have to surf the web so I can restock for the next outing.

BTW, rules of gun safety:

1) All guns are loaded.
2) Never let the gun point at something unless you are willing to destroy it.
3) Finger off the trigger until the sights are on the target and you are ready to shoot.
4) Be sure of your target and what's behind it.


La said...

That actually sounds like a helluva good time, imo...

I need to get out and do kick ass stuff once in a while!!

Joseph's Left One said...

I took my boy shooting with the scouts last year, and there's nothing scarier than seeing an 11 year old aiming a revolver at an old car. But we had a great time.