Friday, August 25, 2006

Found a Job

Well, it looks like my unscheduled vacation is nearing an end. I had an interview yesterday that went really well so I should be starting a new contract the day after Labor Day. My company pulled kind of a bait and switch. They were looking for something pretty basic, but when they got me in and started looking at my resume and talking to me their eyes kind of lit up and you could see the wheels start turning. They suddenly realized, "Hey, this guy could do all kinds of things and he could help us solve some problems that we are struggling with." It doesn't hurt that everywhere I go in town I'm known by reputation, even if not always by name, for the work that I did at IBM in the 90s.


GuateMom said...

Congratulations! I'm glad that you unscheduled vacation is coming to an end. Hope you enjoy the new job!

La said...

What would it be like to be you...?

(just kiddin, i can tease, right? well too late, if not)

Isn't it a great feeling to be appreciated? I think so.

Bull said...

Sorry, didn't mean to sound full of myself. But it is nice to feel appreciated. At times like these I can start to doubt whether my skills are really as marketable as I like to think they are.

If they're not then it's a big problem because I'm a contractor.

La said...

Actually you have every right to be full of yourself. You've got great skills and experience, and it's terrific that prospects can see that!

I'm just bitter and angry because I wish Eric had a better job where people appreciated him now and then. :) I really am excited for you!

MattMan said...

Hey, you're an ex-BMer from the 90s? Me too! I was a developer in the DOS department (IBM DOS, PC DOS, depending on what year we're talking). From roughly 91-93 -- it started as a co-op assignment from college, then around 92-93, I just stayed. Until I caught wind of the demise of the DOS group and split.

Bull said...

Yep. I worked at IBM from 87 to 97 in Rochester, Minnesota and Austin, Texas.